O2Max Triathlon team was founded in Bangkok City in 2010 with a mere handful of members. Today, O2Max has over 60 athletes competing throughout the year in different sports, so whether you’re looking for in-person coached workouts, specialized 1-1 training, race specific training plans or simply online support, guidance and camaraderie from fellow triathletes, O2Max has you covered.

And don’t forget, while triathlon is our specialty, O2Max caters to all types of athletes across various disciplines from marathons, mud runs/obstacle racing, cycling, open water swimming and in-pool training, TRX, functional strength, and even ultratriathlon/ultrarunning. We are a very beginner friendly team, love to socialize, especially in front of any camera!

Here’s a basic rundown of who we are and how we can help you achieve your fitness and racing goals.

  • 60+ Members & counting

  • Highly skilled & experienced coaches

  • Stellar Partners & Sponsors offering discounts on hundreds of products and services

  • Online Race Calendar (NOT required to join, but team workouts & training programs cater towards races & participating in these races ensures coordination of logistics, carpooling, accommodations as well as support & camaraderie at the race!)

  • Mainly Sprint & Olympic distances with 5-6 longer (Half/Full) races per season (though you can usually find a teammate ready to race some distance or destination with you!)

  • 8% Female ; 92% Male (We’re looking for more ladies to join us!)

  • Age Range: 22 – 50+ yrs. old

  • Active Social Media Community: Facebook, Strava, Instagram, Twitter

Member led workouts every week in season

  • Weekends: Morning rides at various places nearby Bangkok

  • Workout/training plans online

ALL ability levels welcome! Our current breakdown is approximately:

  • 45% Beginner

  • 50% Intermediate

  • 5% Sub Elite or Elite

For additional information please feel free to contact us on Facebook with any questions.

Whether you’re a first timer looking for guidance, embarking on a new fitness challenge, need a coach or group to help you stick to your fitness or racing goals, or simply looking to get into great shape in the company of good friends in a fun, supportive environment, we welcome the opportunity to help you meet your goals!

Membership fees are annual and cover 1 x triathlon suit, 1 x cycling jersey and shorts, 1 x team polo shirt, great deals from our sponsors, training camps, improvement tips from our teams' coaches, year-end party, special prizes and give-aways, and most importantly, our friendship!

Every year there are so many people who want to join our team, but unfortunately due to sponsorship, logistics, and management, we are only able to accept a limited number of members each year. If you are interested, please let us know and we will put you on the waiting list.